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Towards a Theory of Game Narrative

On continue avec la narration dans les jeux. Ces derniers temps, c’est vraiment devenu un sujet d’études approfondies…


How can we tell more compelling and moving stories in games? This is a question that I guess many of us in the industry are thinking a lot about.


There are a number of books out there that tell us all about story arcs, characterization and so forth. Most of these ideas come from the theater and movie writing and there has been attempts to transfer this knowledge into the domain of games.


And whereas the skills of characterization, dialog and story structure are as crucial in games as in movies or theater, there are problems and differences that need to be addressed.


There are technical problems that arise with the addition to player interaction, multiple choices and so forth and there are content problems that arise with branching story lines.


Some of those issues, I have written about in the past, trying to point to means of keeping consistency, controlling damage and hiding the seams in a game. This article tries a more basic take on the fundamentals of game narrative.


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