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Pink Godzilla

En voila une bonne idée! Faire un jeu de cartes sur la création de jeu vidéo! Ca donne Pink Godzilla ! La boucle est bouclée…




medium_title-DMC-03.gifIn PG Dev Kit, all players are competing video game developers, racing to create the hottest new games across four genres: shooter, fighter, RPG, and music. Players earn points by having their video games "go gold," an industry term we're all too familiar with at this point.


A completed video game requires at least four cards: a title card (like Pinktroid Prime), a character card (like Jumpman), and two separate "gear" cards (like potions and gun-swords). After those initial four cards are played, weapon upgrades, additional characters, and easter eggs can be added to a game to increase its total point value.


Certain titles, characters, and items are only applicable to certain genres, however, so players must develop their titles carefully. The game ends when the first player reaches four completed video games. The points are then tallied, and the highest score wins.


[ via Joystiq ]



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