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Shigeru Miyamoto et l'avenir du jeu video...

AR: There is still though a really big chasm between those who are gamers and those who are non-gamers. To the latter group, playing a game on a computer is more like hard work than anything else. How do you go about bridging that divide.


SM: I think anyone can enjoy video games. But some people shy away from them, just by looking at the shape of the console, or they think it is complicated when they have to plug the machine into their television set.


However, I think if it is something that is simple to connect and play, it can be enjoyed by anybody, especially if they can interact with the characters.


We also have to think about the themes of the games. There is an abundance of themes that people are interested in, and video games have only touched on few of them.


Nintendo is trying to diversify the gaming genre, offering new themes to the players. There are so many left to do. By introducing these available themes into video games, it will help people relate to the games better, and we may even be able to convert them into those who can not live without video games.


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