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Le game design de Crush

Crush est un jeu qui ne se décrit pas. Comme beaucoup de jeu de ce type, il vaut mieux en voir une vidéo.



Alex Butterfield revient sur le brillant game design de ce jeu :


Butterfield's presentation focus on the challenges of making a game that seemingly transitions from 2D to 3D without effort. Crush is designed so that your character, who is under hypnosis to cure insomnia and forced to find a way through 40 dream sequence levels, can only "crush" (transform 3-dimensional space into 2-dimensional platformer) horizontally and top-down.




Following the talk of problems and problem solving, Butterfield moved into the realm of conjecture, philosophy and other higher-order thought.


What if you were allowed to crush at any angle? What if you could crush outward into four dimensions (with time being the 4th candidate); i.e. a block could become a bridge, a cockroach would crush into a centipede, etc.


How about multiplayer? Butterfield suggested separate realities for each character, whereby only you control the crushing in your reality and only your movement would be reported to the other player's screens.


[ via Joystiq ]

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