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L'histoire de Lemmings...

Un brin de nostalgie, avec l'histoire des lemmings ^_^ Dire qu'on avait collé des affiches "Sauvons les Lemmings!" partout dans le bahut...


I however maintained that they could be done in less; 8 by 8 - or so I thought. One lunchtime I borrowed some one's Amiga (probably Gary's, although it might have been a spare), and set about trying to prove him wrong.





The resulting  image is shown above, which only took an hour or so to make. I created the men at the bottom, the gun, and the 10 ton weight. Once everyone had seen it had a good old laugh, Gary Timmons added the mouth, the clapping hand and the rotating thing - and everyone had another chuckle.





Gary also made significant improvements to the character, and you can see Gary's almost complete lemming, just right of the chewing mouth. My one, is a bit "stiff", while Gary's is clearly the one that was used in the game.



[ The complete history of Lemmings ] 

Credits: Yazor ^_^ 


Du bon retrogaming comme on l'aime... ^_^

Écrit par : MMoi | 17/10/2007

"Lemmings 4 eva!" !!!

Écrit par : Daz | 17/10/2007

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