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L'histoire du Commodore 64...

Instant nostalgie ^_^


The Commodore 64 (C64) wasn't Commodore's first foray into the home computer industry. In 1977, Commodore had earned some recognition with its ground-breaking PET, which went through several iterations over the years and was quite popular in schools.


The PET was followed by the VIC 20 in 1981, the direct ancestor of the C64. The VIC 20 was a smashing success, eventually selling millions of units and establishing Commodore's reputation for making highly capable computers at prices that rivaled the era's videogame consoles.


“Why buy a videogame when you can have a computer?,” asked Star Trek’s William Shatner in a famous series of print and television advertisements.


Still, although the VIC 20 was a great value for the budget-conscious, its limitations were onerous for many enthusiasts. They wanted a more powerful machine and were willing to pay extra to get it.


Commodore heard their call, and the first C64 went straight from the assembly lines to the headlines. The personal computer industry would never be the same.


The C64’s unprecedented success demonstrated, once and for all, that there was a strong and viable market for inexpensive personal computers that could run the latest videogames. Today, tens of thousands of avid C64 fans publish websites, populate online forums, run C64 games in emulators, and develop new homebrew software and other products for the system.


There are even bands who specialize in arranging old Commodore favorites for the pub and bar crowds. For countless fans of the system, the "Commie" is still the best personal computer ever to grace the living room.


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Debute sur l'amstrad CPC6128. Commodore, connais pas... malheureusement ?

Écrit par : MMoi | 05/11/2007

Rien ne vaut ce bon vieux MO5... ^_^

Écrit par : Daz | 05/11/2007

Ha ca, j'y ai peut-etre touche au college... avec les cartouches souples 5 pouces et demi ?

Écrit par : MMoi | 05/11/2007

Ptet bien, le MO5 quoi ^_^


Écrit par : Daz | 06/11/2007

Haaa non, le MO5 j'y ai joue chez une tante... enfin quelque chose qui y ressemble. Il y avait un joystick et on pouvait changer le clavier par un film en plastique... j'adorais ca etant mome.

Je m'y perds un peu entre toutes ces anciennes machines, mais mon souvenir imperissable reste le CPC 6128, et ses "syntax error" d'anthologie, entre 2 parties de Bombjack ou Fruity Frank (dont j'ai encore toutes les musiques en tete !)

Écrit par : MMoi | 06/11/2007

Moi, ça reste surtout des souvenirs d'écoles, vues que j'avais pas vraiment les moyens de me les offrir ^_^

Écrit par : Daz | 06/11/2007

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