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Keita strike again...

J'adore les jeux que fait Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy anyone?). Mais le plus drôlr, c'est d'assiter à une de ses présentations!


D'ailleurs, il a recommencé à la présentation de "noby noby boy", son prochain projet PS3 ^_^





He began by apologising for having agreed to do a keynote, because he's shy and doesn't do well in public, and he followed by putting on gentle sounds of water and birds tweeting, "to calm us". Then, using a combination of Edgies and Desktastic (this is why macs pwn windows/powerpoint for presentations), he took us through a number of stories: how his favourite Havaiana flipflops broke at the thong, which is a bad omen. "Maybe my plane will crash".




And then the Nobi-Nobi Boy. This might translate to Freely Boy, but also to Free and Easy Boy or maybe even Postponed Boy.   I'm looking forward to seeing what actually comes out on the packaging; I suspect they might even stick with Nobi-Nobi Boy in US/EU, in the end.


[ Wonderland ]




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