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Habbo Hotel !

 Le succès de ce "jeu en ligne" pour adolescent à pris l'industrie par surprise il y a quelques années. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Habbo est un univers mignon pensé pour les ados et principalement axé sur les interactions sociales entre les membres.
Sulka Haro revient sur ce qui fait le succès du jeu et de l'univers...
Haro then summed up the talk with six important points.

1. Create something to play with. "Lego are a good example of what you should be building."

2. Intuitive interaction. "You need to kill the UI. If the users notice there's a UI it's probably too complicated."

3. Set up a mood for play. "This is maybe the hardest part to explain. In the real world, as I mentioned earlier, it's increasingly hard to play. Just celebrate the fact that people do stuff and don't punish for failures."

4. Support user-created goals. "Players know the best."

5. Shared social setting. "Even when people create the content, let people walk into the room and [use] the stuff. If you want to play, you need to figure out how to play."

The bonus sixth point, according to Haro, is safety. "The users need to feel as comfortable as possible." Habbo bans players for passing personal info. "If you construct the game so that people can screw up what other people do, people won't bother... it's too difficult to maintain."
[ Gamasutra

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