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Prototyping for Game Feel...

La sensation primal de TOUT les jeux vidéo, c'est l'acte d'agir sur un espace virtuel. C'est une sensation très importante, une projection de soi qui est au coeur même de l'art du jeu ^_^


SteveSwink revient sur la sensation de "feel" , cette chose cruciale tellement importante...


It’s intangible, below the surface, on the tips of fingers and the tips of tongues. It’s been with us since the beginning, since Pong, Spacewar, and what came before.


The tactile sensation of manipulating a digital agent. The thing that makes your mom lean in her chair as she plays Rad Racer. Proxied embodiment. Game feel.


However you describe it, it’s hard to deny that the sensation of controlling a digital object is one of the most powerful - and overlooked - phenomena ever to emerge from the intersection of people and computers.


There are lots reasons for this, but the main one is that game feel is slippery. It’s mostly subconscious, a combination of sights, sounds, and instant response to action. It’s one of those ‘know it when you feel it’ kinds of things. If it’s off by just a little bit, a game’s goose is cooked. If it’s “responsive”, “tight”, and “deep”, it can be magical.



[ SteveSwink




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