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Guitar Hero a la rescousse de l'industrie musicale...

Et Dance Dance Revolution, et SingStar, et tout les jeux qui utilisent EA Tracks... Voici une évidence pour certain mais qui se voit enfin confirmé avec quelques chiffres.




Il semblerait que les morceaux inclus dans le dernier Guitar Hero aient vu leurs ventes exploser: 


Take The Strokes' track "Reptilia" as an example. The week GH III was released, "Reptilia" sold 127 percent more digital copies than it had the week before. The following week saw another 96 percent jump in sales.


That number stayed high the next week as well, as the song saw a modest 3 precent increase. The story was similar for Slipknot's track "Before I Forget." That song jumped up 75 percent the week of the game's release, and an impressive 140 percent the week after. The following chart shows the week-over-week sales increases for five of the tracks.


"It doesn't appear to matter if you're in the main game or are a bonus song; huge gains are seen everywhere.  As long as your song ships with the game and you offer the track to be downloaded digitally, you see an increase," the source explained.


This jump isn't as easy to spot when you look at album sales, however. "Look at the Weezer title—47 percent increase for an album that came out in 1994 and can be gotten used for a dollar pretty much anywhere, eBay and locally," he goes on.  "Yet the Queens Of The Stone Age didn't [see a large sales jump]... It's hard to draw a conclusion other than GH III can help sell physical albums—sometimes."


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