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Shenmue: la trilogie incomplète...

Qu'on se le dise, je suis un fan absolument inconditionnel de Shenmue ^_^
Malgré tout les défauts des deux jeux, victimes de leurs ambitions, je me souvent avoir acheter une dreamcast que pour ça, et être fan des aventures de Ryo. Du coup, comme de nombreux fans, je rêve de voir un jour la suite de la trilogie.





PSU revient sur la série, et ce qui la rend si sympatique:


Project Berkley. At first glance, these two words would almost undoubtedly render the average gaming punter to multiple bouts of head-scratching uncertainty. For loyal followers of the legendary AM2 developer Yu Suzuki (Sega’s answer to Shigeru Miyamoto) however, it should register instantaneously as the precursor to one of Suzuki’s most ambitious works to date, for it is none other than the working title for what would later become known as Shenmue.

In the seven years since its debut on Western shores, Shenmue has become something of a forgotten gem; a relic, a promise of lofty ambitions that never quite met up to expectations going by the severe lashings it received from the gaming press at the time.


Yet for some, the USD 70 million epic (dubbed by its creators as “F.R.E.E” – Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) inaugurated a new era in videogame interactivity and storytelling, with its Hollywood-esque production values, gripping narrative and sheer volume of characters and environments to converse with and explore.

Despite following on with an inevitable sequel in 2001, the franchise on a whole has been suspended on a seemingly indefinite hiatus ever since, kept alive only by frequent speculation and conjecture emanating from what could only be described as a tenaciously loyal fanbase.


Indeed, the elusive Shenmue III soon became something of an urban legend in itself, frequently neglected to monthly rumour columns in various magazines and websites in the post-Shenmue II years. Sega’s only endeavour to keep the series afloat – the ambitious Shenmue Online – collapsed after three years of development, prompting many to question whether the series had any future at all, let alone in the form of a physical sequel. 





Bien dommage que Shenmue Online ne se soit pas concretise, j'aurais pu en etre...

Écrit par : MMoi | 02/12/2007

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