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Soulless games ?...

Je n'ai nul besoin de le dire, mais je crois sincèrement que le jeu vidéo est en train de former une "culture" au même titre que le cinéma ou la littérature. Culture populaire, mais culture quand même, avec ses codes, son histoires, ses moments...
Mais est ce assez pour être qualifié de culture cool, ou profonde ? Est ce que les jeux ont trouvés leurs ames ?
As much as I love games, I’ve never quite been able to swallow that they belong on the same shelf as the rest of it. It’s not that games have to be brilliant or serious; not all pop culture is “smart.” It’s not that games don’t already tell stories; most of the XBox 360 games I’ve played are full of stories.
I usually skip them. And it’s not that games can’t, to use the old benchmark, make you cry. Games make us cry all the time. The Library section of Halo makes me cry. Slamming my knee into a table makes me cry, too. Shouldn’t we aim a little higher?

Cartoonist Chris Ware once cracked that to most people, comic book stores are one step above porno shops. In fact, comic stores are still a step above your local GameStop, because most of them have a section for people like Chris Ware – or say, Alan Moore.


But obviously, not all games play to the lowest common denominator. Portal, for example, is my game of the year with a bullet – because it never took short cuts, never got lazy, never winked or made excuses. It was subversive, hilarious, and horrifying. Even BioShock fell apart at the end, but Portal was always a step ahead of me, and that’s why I loved it.

it’s time we raise the bar. If games are going to grow as a genre, some of them have to step up and function as pop culture. We can still have the Tetris’s and the Madden’s and Mario’s, but we need a few games that play to our wits and savvy, and know they’re in on the joke.
Because it’s not enough to treat games as a sport, a business, an academic pursuit, or a great way to pass time and kill people. Someday, they’re going to have to be cool.
[ Gamasutra


Les jeux videos ont vraiment une place importante pour la plupart des invididus qui constituent notre societe, il ne faut pas le nier ou l'eviter..... :) Joyeux noel!!

Écrit par : Maeva | 24/12/2007

Noyeux Joel !! ^_^

Écrit par : Daz | 26/12/2007

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