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GDC: Dev Rants....

Les développeurs aiment se plaindre. Ca peut paraitre bizarre de se plaindre des jeux que vous faites vous même, mais c'est en général instructif. Du coup, c'est devenue une habitude à la GDC d'avoir une session dédié aux complaintes ^_^
Halo 3 made $300 million, but at $50 copy that means it's only making one-tenth of the Lord of the Rings audience. "Do you really think a glowing dagger that can detect Orcs or a fucking +5 rope is what moved people? What people care about is that Frodo trusts Sam ... It doesn't surprise me that the most meaningful relationship we had in a AAA title this year is with a fucking cube." That last comment drew massive applaud and laughter.
"When I'm in games I have all the info and feedback I need, I have superhero skills ... it's just better than real life." McGonigal explains she has been spending the last year doing research on happiness, deeming it not a warm puppy. Instead, McGonigal lays out a four-point happiness list:
  1. Satisfying work to do
  2. The experience of being good at something
  3. Time spent with people we like
  4. The chance to be a part of something bigger
"What the hell does any of this better but games? Nothing," she said. "Games are the ultimate happiness engine, and you [the game industry] are in the happiness business." McGonigal noted that it took them until 1930 that soap can be used to kill germs. For depression and isolation, perhaps games can be the same fix.
[ Joystiq

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