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The halls were filled with carpet and disillusionment...

Tellement vrai... ^_^


RPS: Can you tell us your backgrounds. What were you doing before you got together to make games as 2D Boy, and why did that mean you decided to strike out on your own?

Ron: We were both at EA, I was making casual web games for pogo.com. It was a good job, good hours, good people, I really didn’t have anything to complain about. Still, every morning when I sat down for my one-hour-each-way-public-transit commute, I died a little. I’ve always wanted to make a game and it didn’t take much to get me rolling in that direction.

Kyle: Back in school, we always thought the halls of EA would be filled with plastic balls and tricycles and stuff, since it’s a game company, which means it’s essentially Santa’s workshop. But that wasn’t the case. The halls were filled with carpet and disillusionment. And time-worn tracks leading to the bathroom and coffee machines.

Even so, I was really lucky that my whole job was to make a bunch of colorful disposable rapid prototypes every week or so. All I had to do was make people happy. But it was all for a small audience. By going indie, and making our own game, I’m hoping we can reach more people. We’ll see. Our game launches today, and we’re terrified.


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Yeap, it's not because a Game is fun to play, that it's fun to make !!!! :-)...

Écrit par : krousty_bat | 14/10/2008

So true... ^_^

Écrit par : Daz | 15/10/2008

Toujours un gros probleme... ou se placer dans l'espace "Passion - Argent - Interet" ? ... ca fait un moment que je veux en faire un article, malheureusement j'ai aussi peu de temps a consacrer au blogging qu'a surfer sur mes sites preferes :(

Écrit par : MMoi | 01/11/2008

Et moi donc ;-)

Écrit par : Daz | 04/11/2008

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