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The 8lb Gorilla

EA ouvre un nouveau studio dédié à l'Iphone, ce qui laisse plusieurs questions ouvertes:




I love the clever name and that their logo isn’t a too-cute miniature primate.  I can see why EA went for this idea.  Tiny teams produce runaway hits on the App Store on a regular basis (FlightControl, Wurdle, iShoot, Field Runners, Trism, to name a few) and EA certainly has talent that would be eager to be thrown into this initiative.

As long as development costs are kept down and the team produces an occasional hit, this model could be reasonably profitable.  In addition, it’s a fantastic proving ground for good ideas.  A tiny game that took a month to develop could, in some cases, be expanded into a full blown game and released on multiple platforms (think Tower of Goo / World of Goo).


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